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Foot Pads

About these foot cushions​
✅ LOOK GOOD FEEL GOOD – We all want to look great in our high heels but we know it can come at a price. The sexier the heels the more our feet are in agony. With our amazingly soft, gel based, and cloth covered high heel inserts we can finally enjoy our day free from pain.

✅ FEEL LIKE YOU ARE WALKING ON CLOUDS – Enjoy every step you take with confidence and comfort. Now you can wear all of your favorite heels all day or night without worry.


✅ INSTANT RELIEF – Whether you’re at the office, dancing the night away, or out shopping with your girlfriends, our shoe inserts will give you the protection you need.

✅ LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If this product does not relieve your ball of foot pain simply let us know and we will refund you in full! No Questions Asked. We stand behind our product and we know that it will help you.


The Softest and Most Comfortable High Heel Cushion Inserts you’ve ever had or your Money Back!


Walkize is a business committed to putting smiles on the faces of Ladies with high heels all over the world! 


Your New Metatarsal Foot Pads

✅Fits all High Heels

✅Easily sticks (Non-slip)

✅Provides IMMEDIATE pain relief


What Makes Our Product Unique

✅Comes with a unique cloth over the gel that absorbs moisture

✅Foot pressure points that absorbs shocks (Like you are walking on clouds) 

✅One size fits ALL

✅Made of a medical grade PU Gel

✅ Comes with Amazing Customer Service. We are Here for You! 


What Are You Waiting For? Press the Buy Button Now to Look Good and Feel Good In Your Favorite Pair of Heels!

What are customers Saying about Walkize Foot Cushions?

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